27 March 2014


This week Superdrug launched a competition for makeup and beauty bloggers, when I saw the post pop up on my timeline I was very excited to say the least. To enter the competition, you had to create an on trend makeup look using only three makeup products. After keeping up to date with the goings on at New York, London and Paris Fashion Week I knew exactly which look I wanted to recreate.

The statement lip was seen across all three fashion weeks by various big brands including DKNY, Rag & Bone and many others. In the past a classic red shade was seen as the most obvious choice for a statement lip colour, however this year Fashion Week took it up a step and gave their makeup bags a revamp, making orange this seasons statement lip colour.

Looking at the photos of the models above you can see how versatile the orange lip is and how it suits a variety of different skin tones.

DKNY model - source 
Rag & Bone models - source
Looking at the two images above the DKNY model has very natural makeup. Her skin has not been overly made up, with just a little amount of blusher and mascara applied to tie the look togther. The model also has naturally thick eyebrows, which I think look amazing paired with the bright lip and the two balance each other out well. The Rag & Bone models makeup look is slightly different and more made up, you can see that the model on the left has winged eyeliner and slightly contoured cheekbones. Also the DKNY's models lipstick has more of a glossy finish whereas the Rag & Bone models have a matte finish. 

In order to recreate the look ensuring that I incorporated both of the images, the three makeup products I have chosen to use are foundation, mascara and of course an orange lipstick! I also wanted to ensure that all of the products I used were affordable and available to to purchase from Superdrug. As well as stocking all of my favourite makeup brands I love that Superdrug provides 10% discount to students with an NUS card, even more reason to try out new makeup!

How I created the look - 

As the main focus of the makeup is on the lip, I wanted to keep the rest of my makeup quite natural and fresh. I chose the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the shade Ivory as a base. This is currently my favourite drugstore foundation, it provides a medium coverage and blends in to the skin really well making it looking really natural.

Next I applied some of the Maybelline The Rocket mascara to my top and bottom lashes. This mascara has a large plastic wand, which initially I didn't think I would like however it creates so much volume and length that it has become one of my favourites. Top tip - when applying mascara start with the wand at the bottom of your eyelashes, then wiggle it from side to side in an upwards motion to create full and voluminous lashes. 

To complete the look I used the new Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade Audacious, which is a really vibrant orange shade. I've already tried the pink one from this range and loved it, so I knew this one would be perfect for recreating the look. I love how even though it's a matte formula, it was really moisturising and lasts all day. They formula of these balms are also really good, they are so pigmented and have such good pay off as you can see from the images below.

The finished look!

Even though this makeup look has been taken from the catwalk, I think that it's a really wearable everyday look as the aside from the lipstick the rest of the makeup is very natural and understated - this is definitely a look I will be wearing a lot throughout the spring months. I loved that you were only able to use just three products for the challenge however if I were to recreate the look in the future, I'd try it with a winged eyeliner for more of a dramatic effect.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite makeup look from Fashion Week was and what makeup trend you would recreate!

Kathleen xxx 

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