17 March 2014


Best Monday morning email ever?! 100 followers on Bloglovin, I was so happy! After starting to write my blog around two and half months ago I never imagined 10 people would read it, let alone 100. As a little extra this week I thought I'd do a little tag style post. This kind of tag has been around forever, it's deffo an oldie but a goodie. I love reading/watching these kind of tags when I find a new blog or youtube channel as I think they are a great way to find out about the person (and I'm just really nosey). So here you go, here's 25 facts about me I hope you enjoy them and thank you everyone who has followed my blog so far, hugs and kissessss to you!

1. I've never met anyone else with the same name as me and also think I sound like an old lady (Kathleen Mary)
2. I'm an only child and people always ask me what's it like but I don't know any different!
3. I passed my driving test second time and have now been driving for about a year 
4. In my head I like to think I'm really organised but in reality I'm really not
5. I'm going to Glastonbury Festival for the second year in a row and I cannot wait
6. I have a level 2 qualification in Beauty Therapy
7. I'm really indecisive and hate having to choose between lots of different options, like on a restaurant menu
8. I still have and use the same pair of GHD's that I got for my 13th birthday nearly six years ago
9. My mums a florist and I love that there's always loads of flowers around the house
10. I have been interested in makeup since I was really young and used to rock purple eyeshadow in Year Six - and yes I also went through the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse craze when I was about 14/15.
11. I would love to go travelling around the world but could never go on my own
12. I used to have a horse and ride nearly everyday, which I really miss and would love to get back in to
13. I give things I own human names with the idea that I will take better care of them
14. My car is called Lucy
15. I used to really want to dye my hair jet black... Why?
16. I still can't decide if I prefer sweet or savoury food the best
17. I have no idea what kind of long term job/career I want to go in to but hope it's something I really enjoy doing
18. When we were little, two of my cousins and I were given little toy white rabbits. We all loved them to pieces literally. I called mine Flora and still have her now.
19. My first phone was that massive brick of Nokia everyone had, which I just used to sit and play snake on all time
20. I love wearing bold lip colours but always stick to my neutral eyeshadow comfort zone
21. I get really nerdy when it comes to skincare related stuff and love learning about new products and what's in them
22. I really want a Puggle or a Pomeranian dog
23. I'm more productive later at night than in the day which is annoying
24. My eye's change colour all the time they are either light blue or bright green
25. My first ever mac purchase was the M.A.C Red, satin finish lipstick which I got in the Times Square shop in New york and lost it about a year later. Sad face

Here's a few photos I found on my laptop, I was obviously loving the black and white edit that day... 

Me and Chloe who pushed me to finally start blogging - Work Christmas Party

My best friend Becky & I in Times Square, New York 

Me, Ed and the dog (Max) on a walk in the snow

My cousin Katherine and I in Switzerland 


  1. Congratulations on hitting 100! So exciting!
    I too give names to my belongings, my car is Lady Grace Hansworth (thanks to my boyfriends helpful name insights..)



    1. Thank you hun! Haha that made me laugh, a very formal name!
      Kathleen xxx

  2. Congrats on 100 followers!
    Sooo jealous that you often have fresh flowers around the house! (Any blogger's dream, I'm sure, since they're always in photo backgrounds!)
    I'd like to think most of us are more productive at night....most of my essays are done at night anyways L O L.

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

    1. Thank you! I do love it, haha yes it is very handy when I want to take some blog photos! That's what I plan to do tonight, ohh the joys! Kathleen xxx