23 April 2014


Hello everyone, I'm back today with a usual beauty related post! It was nice to do a few lifestyley things while I was on my Easter holidays but being back at sixth form again means I'm not doing anything too exciting for now. Also did you see the guest post I wrote this week for Dizzy Brunette's blog? I'll leave a little link to it here if you missed that, it was so weird to see a picture of my face on her page! Hello to you if you've come across to my little blog from seeing that post! Anyway waffle over, have a lovely rest of the week.

16 April 2014


Yesterday was dad's birthday, I made him a large piece of flapjack smothered in dark chocolate and also bought him a few Bath Ales bottles.

Unluckily for him he had to go in for a boring meeting in the morning but for the afternoon, me and mum hopped on the train to meet him for some lunch. We went to the Cote Brasserie in in the centre of Bath, which was recommended by my aunty Jo who came and joined us on her lunch break.

When we arrived around half twelve, all of the outside seating was empty so although we had reserved a table we opted for one in the sunshine. I could not get over how amazing the weather was, it was actually hot and it literally felt like we were in France or Spain not (usually rainy) England. I instantly regretted wearing a wooly jumper, which I've temporarily nabbed from my friend Chelsea. Clever me didn't even wear a vest top underneath so I had make-do.

8 April 2014


Last Thursday Cabot Circus (which is main shopping centre in Bristol for anyone wondering!) held a special shopping event, VIB - Very Important Bristolians. Athough the name was a bit of gimmick, it was a really fun evening. I attended a small blogger meet up, held in Quakers Friars where I met some lovely bloggers including Josephine from Style by Josephine. We had some bubbly from the Harvey Nichols bar and listened to the beautiful swing band. I even had a go at the Spin the Wheel Game, where there were loads of fun prizes up for grabs. Around the marquee there were lot's of different spring and summer trends being modelled from various shops and brands available in Cabot Circus including Mango, Fred Perry and The White Company. Thank you to the lovely girls from Graylings for organising the meet up!

Afterwards I met up with my friend Chloe, to have a look at the goings on in Cabot Circus. Loads of the shops and restaurants were running exclusive discounts, promotions and competitions. Alongside the the Spin the Wheel game, there was also 'Hook the Handbag' with the top prize being a gorgeous fuchsia pink Michael Kors bag - I am rather envious of whoever took that home! There were also mini beauty pods offering a range of different quick fix treatments, Frankie and Benny's mixing up a variety of mocktails, we even met Will and Kate!.. Not really but Heart.fm were there promoting their competition for a trip to London. We finished off the evening with huge meal in Frankie and Benny's, I went for the chicken burger and fries, delicious! I also picked up a few things in Primark if you'd like to see what I got in a future post...

Kathleen xxx

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4 April 2014


Revlon Matte Lip Balms 

Hello everyone, I hope you had a lovely month! Here are some things I've been loving throughout March...

Space NK Drift Away Body Wash - I have the smaller version of this product, which I couldn't find on the website but I've left a link to full size bottle which retails at £12.50 for 350ml. This body wash is perfect for an evening bath or shower, as the name suggests it literally just smells relaxation, does that even make sense? In the morning I like to use fresh, citrusy scents to wake me up but for the evening I want something which is a little more calming. I thought this body wash was going to contain lavender as that's usually the typical relaxing scent, but the main scents are actually are vanilla, jasmine and rose, which just make you feel really relaxed and ready for bed.

Revlon Matte Lip Balms  £7.99 each - It seems like even before they were released everyone couldn't wait to try these out, I mentioned how I wanted to try them out in my drugstore wishlist post last month. I have fully jumping on the bandwagon here, they are amazing. I have the shades Elusive which is a pretty pink colour and Audacious, a really bold orange which I used it in a spring makeup look here, if you want to see what it looks like on. Usually with matte lipsticks, the formulas can be really drying but these are super creamy meaning that they go on really smoothly you can wearing them all day. I still yet to try any from the Lacquer range, do you have any favourites?

Pastel Nail Varnishes - I didn't want to include any specific nail varnishes here because I'm going to do a whole post on it, I've just got to wait for the nail wheels delivered beauty blogger problems. Here's a little preview of one I posted on my Instagram the other week.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation £6.99 - I bought this foundation on a really miserable, rainy day to cheer myself and it did just that. Since not really getting on with the Bourjois Happy Light, this has been my everyday go-to foundation throughout March. It blends really well, has medium coverage and a dewy finish. Top marks from me.

Bagels, more specifically cinnamon and raisin bagels - I think I could live off these things, they are soo good. I've been having them as a yummy mid-morning snack nearly everyday - I like to toast them a little bit then cut up a banana and place the pieces on top then sprinkle a little extra cinnamon, mmmmmm!

Let me know if you're a fellow bagel lover or if any of my favourites this month were your favourites too!

Kathleen xxx 

Did you see my plan for a makeup spending ban earlier this week...

1 April 2014


Hello my name is Kathleen and I am a beauty addict...

I constantly find myself 'just popping' in to Boots, Superdrug, John Lewis beauty hall etc and leaving with several new items that I didn't even plan to buy - everything is just so pretttyyyy. So for the month of April, I've decided to go on a makeup spending ban in the hope that I'll still have some money left over at the end of the month. And that I won't have to drive around super economically because I bought a new foundation instead of half a tank of petrol, please tell me I'm not the only one?...

I also have lots of different things to pay for this month like paying off the rest of my Glastonbury ticket, summer holidays, family and friends birthdays plus a years worth of car tax (the joys of growing up). Although I've made out I'm some kind of crazy lady who just spends all her money on makeup at any given opportunity, it's not as bad as it sounds. At the end of every month when I get paid, I do transfer a good amount of it across to my savings it's just the stuff left in my current account which isn't spent as wisely as it should be.

The ban means I can't buy any new pieces of makeup/makeup related things for myself for the whole month, to a lot of my friends this may sound like the easiest thing ever but you know everyone has their own weakness and all that. 

I'd love to hear if you've put yourself on a spending ban for anything before and most importantly stuck to it?

Wish me luck, Kathleen xxx