10 April 2014


When I opened this little parcel yesterday morning, I realised I may have gone a little cleaner crazy but hey-ho it was 40% so what better excuse. I haven't shopped in The Body Shop for years, it always reminds of going in when I was younger and picking up a new body butter. Recently it seems they've stepped up their game, so I thought I'd pick up a few bit and pieces.

I think the Vitamin E range is possibly one of the newer or revamped collections that The Body Shop has bought out, after hearing lots of hype around the Overnight Serum-In-Oil. I thought I'd pick this one up as I love trying out new treatments. It's an oil formula which says it works overnight to help replenish and recharge skins moisture. Alongside that I also got a mini version of the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, which says it 'removes grime and makeup and leaves the skin soft and supple'. After reading that I've decided I really don't like the words grime and supple but hopefully I'll enjoy the cleanser. Finally from the Vitamin E range was the lip balm, I did want to get the one from the Aloe Vera range but it was out of stock so I went for this one instead because I liked the fact it has an SPF in it.

From the Aloe range I picked up a mini cleanser and toner. The main reason I picked up mini's was so that I could give a few different things a try but also they will be good for taking on my summer holidays. The Aloe Vera range is promoted towards sensitive skin, which although I don't necessarily have I do like to use products which are calming and gentle.

Last but not least I got the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil - there wasn't a mini version. I've heard a lot of good things about the cleansing butter from this range but I've never tried and oil before and since it was such a good offer I decided to give this one a try instead. It claims to 'effortlessly lift away impurities and even remove waterproof makeup' you just massage it in to dry skin and use warm water to remove.

As you know I'm on a makeup spending ban this month so as much as I wanted to, I resisted adding the Honey Bronzer to my basket, maybe next month...

Have you picked up anything from The Body Shop recently? 

Kathleen xxx

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  1. The packaging is so pretty, I actually haven't been there in ages!
    But you're right, it seems they've stepped up their game
    Estelle x
    Let Me Go Xo