31 July 2014


After nearly a month from blogging, yikesss where has July gone? I'm back! Last week was my 19th birthday so I thought it would be nice to share some of the lovely presents I received. To keep theme with my blog, I'm just going to share the beauty bits and bobs. I celebrated with birthday breakfast with the girls, afternoon tea with my mum and then out for dinner with my boyfriend in the evening. The whole day was centred round food, which was absolutely fine by me!

3 July 2014


Estee Lauder is a brand I've never really tried out, when I was younger I'd always pinch some of my mums perfume or lipstick so I've always associated it as a brand for older ladies. However with the launch of the Clear Difference range, targeted at blemish prone skin I was excited to learn more about the brand. A few weeks ago I attended an event showing off the launch of the latest collection. The event began with everyone removing their makeup to try out the range, although this was a little daunting at first it was so fun to get to try out the different products and see how they feel on the skin. The Clear Difference Range is made up of three products, one makeup and two skincare pieces...


The Serum £39 // I've recently been getting really in to serums, as a pretty new step in my skincare routine I was excited to try this one out especially as Estee Lauder are renowned for their Advanced Night Repair. The Clear Difference Serum is described as a blemish serum, with salicylic acid being one of the active ingredients. I love how this serum felt on the skin it was so light weight and refreshing because of the clean, cucumber scent. It literally melted in to the skin without leaving behind any residue or tight feeling.
The Targeted Treatment £25 // Out of the three, is is the coolest product. It's like a click-y pen which you push up to release the product. This is a specific treatment for individual spots and redness and unlike many treatments which are targeted at blemishes the Clear Difference one is really gentle and hydrating.

The BB Cream £34 - described as a 'complexion perfecting' this is a really nice BB cream, the formula is really light weight as well as being oil-free, something I much prefer in the summer as my skin does tend to become a lot oiler compared to the winter months. It also has an SPF of 35, which is great for the summertime. Estee Lauder suggest that you can wear the BB either under foundation or alone, although I would wear it alone as the formula is so light weight it would sit nicely under another foundation without going cakey. The BB cream is available in three different shades; light, medium and dark with the light shade being my perfect match. I've also noticed that Nic from Pixwoo always has product stashed in her everyday makeup bag!

Out of the whole range what I like most is that Estee Lauder have created a more 'grown up' way to treat blemishes and other imperfections. The majority of skincare brands which create products targeted at blemish prone skin are really harsh and stripping on the skin, whereas the Clear Difference range is really refreshing.

Check out the Clear Difference range here - receive £5 off the Clear Difference serum online and in store until the 26th August.

Kathleen xxx