27 March 2014


This week Superdrug launched a competition for makeup and beauty bloggers, when I saw the post pop up on my timeline I was very excited to say the least. To enter the competition, you had to create an on trend makeup look using only three makeup products. After keeping up to date with the goings on at New York, London and Paris Fashion Week I knew exactly which look I wanted to recreate.

The statement lip was seen across all three fashion weeks by various big brands including DKNY, Rag & Bone and many others. In the past a classic red shade was seen as the most obvious choice for a statement lip colour, however this year Fashion Week took it up a step and gave their makeup bags a revamp, making orange this seasons statement lip colour.

Looking at the photos of the models above you can see how versatile the orange lip is and how it suits a variety of different skin tones.

DKNY model - source 
Rag & Bone models - source
Looking at the two images above the DKNY model has very natural makeup. Her skin has not been overly made up, with just a little amount of blusher and mascara applied to tie the look togther. The model also has naturally thick eyebrows, which I think look amazing paired with the bright lip and the two balance each other out well. The Rag & Bone models makeup look is slightly different and more made up, you can see that the model on the left has winged eyeliner and slightly contoured cheekbones. Also the DKNY's models lipstick has more of a glossy finish whereas the Rag & Bone models have a matte finish. 

In order to recreate the look ensuring that I incorporated both of the images, the three makeup products I have chosen to use are foundation, mascara and of course an orange lipstick! I also wanted to ensure that all of the products I used were affordable and available to to purchase from Superdrug. As well as stocking all of my favourite makeup brands I love that Superdrug provides 10% discount to students with an NUS card, even more reason to try out new makeup!

How I created the look - 

As the main focus of the makeup is on the lip, I wanted to keep the rest of my makeup quite natural and fresh. I chose the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the shade Ivory as a base. This is currently my favourite drugstore foundation, it provides a medium coverage and blends in to the skin really well making it looking really natural.

Next I applied some of the Maybelline The Rocket mascara to my top and bottom lashes. This mascara has a large plastic wand, which initially I didn't think I would like however it creates so much volume and length that it has become one of my favourites. Top tip - when applying mascara start with the wand at the bottom of your eyelashes, then wiggle it from side to side in an upwards motion to create full and voluminous lashes. 

To complete the look I used the new Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade Audacious, which is a really vibrant orange shade. I've already tried the pink one from this range and loved it, so I knew this one would be perfect for recreating the look. I love how even though it's a matte formula, it was really moisturising and lasts all day. They formula of these balms are also really good, they are so pigmented and have such good pay off as you can see from the images below.

The finished look!

Even though this makeup look has been taken from the catwalk, I think that it's a really wearable everyday look as the aside from the lipstick the rest of the makeup is very natural and understated - this is definitely a look I will be wearing a lot throughout the spring months. I loved that you were only able to use just three products for the challenge however if I were to recreate the look in the future, I'd try it with a winged eyeliner for more of a dramatic effect.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite makeup look from Fashion Week was and what makeup trend you would recreate!

Kathleen xxx 

25 March 2014


Outfit: Navy and White Striped Shift Dress from New Look £10 (sale) // Brown Coat from F&F at Tesco (no longer available) // Heeled Black Leather Ankle Boots from H&M £24.99 // Black Bag With Brown Detail from Zara (old) Similar Here 

Accessories: Silver Infinity Bracelet* from Black Tied £14 // Silver Seiko Watch £159 // Blue and Silver Bracelet from a random stand at Glastonbury Festival 2013 // Barry M Gelly Nail Varnish in Pomegranate £3.99 // Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple £7.99

Such a UK thing to talk about the weather but it really has been all over the place at the moment. My friend Sarah helped me to take these photos, it was so sunny and felt like spring was finally here until the weather decides to change what it wants to do almost everyday.

However at least we had one nice day so that we were able to take these photos, I've never posted any proper OOTD style photos before. I was a little bit nervous as I wouldn't really consider myself the most 'fashionable' by any stretch but this is the kind of outfit I've been putting together a lot recently. One of my most recent purchases was the silver infinity bracelet from Black Tied, a small online jewellery company. I love how simple and elegant the bracelet looks paired with my watch, it is also really easy to mix up and pair it with lots of different pieces.

This was the first time I had made an order with Black Tied but I will definitely be making another one soon, as I've got an eye on some of their beautiful midi rings. The lovely Laura from Black Tied also gave me a unique discount count especially for you all to use whether you are a new or regular visitor to the site. Simply enter the code KATHLEEN15 to receive an amazing 15% discount off of your order. The discount code will be valid for 5 weeks, so from now (25th March) until the 30th April.

- Just to let you know applying the discount code is the final step of your purchase, after you've completed the PayPal step :)

Let me know if you buying anything using the discount code, I'd love to see what you chose! Tweet me at photo @kathleenpavey 

Kathleen xxx

20 March 2014


The MAC 217 brush is pretty much the do it all blending brush. Whether you're blending a go-all-out smokey eye or just an everyday wash of colour all over the lid then this brush has got it covered. The oval shape means it blends colours really well without leaving any harsh lines, it also works well with any sort of product whether it be a powder, loose pigment or cream etc etc.

Although this is little brush is amazing, at £18 it is pretty pricey. Enter the No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour brush - MAC's less than half the price twin. As you can see from the picture, they look pretty much identical. The only difference being this one is a lot more purse friendly at £7.25. The only difference I can really tell between the two is that the No7 alternative is not as dense as the MAC brush but it is still does the job just fine, it also washes really well making it a very welcome edition to my ever-growing brush collection.

Let me know any of your favourite dupes for MAC brushes,

Kathleen xxx

17 March 2014


Best Monday morning email ever?! 100 followers on Bloglovin, I was so happy! After starting to write my blog around two and half months ago I never imagined 10 people would read it, let alone 100. As a little extra this week I thought I'd do a little tag style post. This kind of tag has been around forever, it's deffo an oldie but a goodie. I love reading/watching these kind of tags when I find a new blog or youtube channel as I think they are a great way to find out about the person (and I'm just really nosey). So here you go, here's 25 facts about me I hope you enjoy them and thank you everyone who has followed my blog so far, hugs and kissessss to you!

1. I've never met anyone else with the same name as me and also think I sound like an old lady (Kathleen Mary)
2. I'm an only child and people always ask me what's it like but I don't know any different!
3. I passed my driving test second time and have now been driving for about a year 
4. In my head I like to think I'm really organised but in reality I'm really not
5. I'm going to Glastonbury Festival for the second year in a row and I cannot wait
6. I have a level 2 qualification in Beauty Therapy
7. I'm really indecisive and hate having to choose between lots of different options, like on a restaurant menu
8. I still have and use the same pair of GHD's that I got for my 13th birthday nearly six years ago
9. My mums a florist and I love that there's always loads of flowers around the house
10. I have been interested in makeup since I was really young and used to rock purple eyeshadow in Year Six - and yes I also went through the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse craze when I was about 14/15.
11. I would love to go travelling around the world but could never go on my own
12. I used to have a horse and ride nearly everyday, which I really miss and would love to get back in to
13. I give things I own human names with the idea that I will take better care of them
14. My car is called Lucy
15. I used to really want to dye my hair jet black... Why?
16. I still can't decide if I prefer sweet or savoury food the best
17. I have no idea what kind of long term job/career I want to go in to but hope it's something I really enjoy doing
18. When we were little, two of my cousins and I were given little toy white rabbits. We all loved them to pieces literally. I called mine Flora and still have her now.
19. My first phone was that massive brick of Nokia everyone had, which I just used to sit and play snake on all time
20. I love wearing bold lip colours but always stick to my neutral eyeshadow comfort zone
21. I get really nerdy when it comes to skincare related stuff and love learning about new products and what's in them
22. I really want a Puggle or a Pomeranian dog
23. I'm more productive later at night than in the day which is annoying
24. My eye's change colour all the time they are either light blue or bright green
25. My first ever mac purchase was the M.A.C Red, satin finish lipstick which I got in the Times Square shop in New york and lost it about a year later. Sad face

Here's a few photos I found on my laptop, I was obviously loving the black and white edit that day... 

Me and Chloe who pushed me to finally start blogging - Work Christmas Party

My best friend Becky & I in Times Square, New York 

Me, Ed and the dog (Max) on a walk in the snow

My cousin Katherine and I in Switzerland 

14 March 2014


The other day I found these three Lush bath bombs lurking, unloved at the back of my bathroom cabinet. I received them all as gifts for Christmas from friends and family and totally forgotten all about them, I must admit I did get a little over excited when I rediscovered them as I thought I'd run out.

Top left: Sex Bomb Bath Bomb £3.25 This is definitely my favourite out of the bunch. I love how cute it is, all of the colours and the little flower on top are super pretty. This bath bomb is perfect for an evening bath as the scent is really relaxing and calming. Lush recommend using this bath bomb if you're feeling tired, stressed or anxious. They also claim that some of the ingredients in it are used to soothe worries and even treat depression.

 I used this bath bomb last night, around two hours before I went to bed and actually had a really good nights sleep, which I definitely put down to this bath bomb. It makes the water turn bright pink and the flower at the top breaks down in to individual petals, which all float around the bath. The picture above is taken from my Instagram, which is @kathleenpavey if you'd like to have a little nose through.

Top right: Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb £3.25 This bath bombs main ingredient is lemon oil making it perfect for a morning bath, the citrus scent is really fresh and uplifting. I never have time to have a bath if I have to be up early in the morning, but for days when you know you can have a bit of a lie in it's perfect. Dragon's Egg may look like it's the plainest but when you put it in the bath it reveals a bright orange colour, it also begins to fizz like crazy as it contains popping candy! Never judge a book by its cover ayyy

Bottom: Christmas Pudding Bath Bomb - Sadly unavailable now until Christmas, however a couple of weeks ago Lush released their Easter and Mother's Day collections, which include lots of exciting limited edition products. After going in to my local Lush store the other day I now have my eye on a few things including the Fluffy Egg a pink, sweet scented bath bomb. The Rose bubble bar, which as well as being my favourite type of Lush bath product looks gorgeous. They also have some really novelty products including the Bunch of Carrots bubble bar and The Golden Egg which looks incredible. 

Have you got your eye on any of the pieces from the Easter or Mother's Day collection or like me, have you ever rediscovered any products in your collection which you had forgotten about?

Kathleen xxx 

11 March 2014


         // True Spirit Gold Necklace £4 //  MUA Nail Varnish in Natural Days £1 //  Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels £7 //  Topshop Mint Green Nail Varnish in Keen £5 //  Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water £4.99 //  L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Varnish in Novelle Vauge £4.99 //  Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Cool Medium £4.19 //

The weather has been so nice these last couple of days but sadly I've had to spend the majority of it inside working, so to make up for it I've made a few spring purchases... 

I picked up this gold necklace from a range called True Spirit in Superdrug. I never normally wear necklaces but I've been looking for a simple one like this to make outfits look a bit more dressed up and put together. I can't find the link for it on the website but definitely go and have a look in store as there were loads of different ones to choose from. I then picked up the light pink nail varnish (photographed in the middle) for only £1, bargain of the day! I'm interested to see how good this nail varnish is, as the £1 lipsticks from MUA have an amazing formula and pigmentation. 

I've wanted to try some of the Topshop makeup range for ages. After hearing lots of good things about their cream blushers, I finally decided to pick one up. I went for the shade Head Over Heels, which is coming up as suuuper bright in the photo, awkward. In real life it is a beautiful coral shade, which will be perfect for the summer months. Annoying again, I couldn't find this on the website but the shade Flush looks really similar. I also got the pastel green nail varnish in the shade Keen, I've wanted a minty green nail varnish for a while and this one fitted the bill just right.

My final stop was in Boots, who currently have their 3for2 offer on. Now we all know that is an offer I can't refuse so before even entering the shop I knew I would be leaving with three new things. I decided to get the new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, as this has quickly been branded the latest dupe for the famous Bioderma. My current bottle of Bioderma is just about to run out, so getting my hands on this one was obviously a lot easier, also as this one is less than half the price I'm excited to see how it will compare. Next I spotted the new L'Oreal pastel nail varnish collection (are you sensing a bit of a theme here..?) and had to get this gorgeous lilac shade which I think is called Nouvelle Vague to complete the three I just grabbed another tube of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, which they seem to have changed the names of and the packaging slightly but I don't think it's been reformulated... Has it?

Hope you've had the chance to enjoy some of the sunshine! Have you made any recent spring purchases, or just a sucker for the Boots 3for2 like me?

Kathleen xxx

6 March 2014


#BrizBlogMeet was and event organised and hosted by the lovely Emily from Pretty Please and her boyfriend Phil. I'd heard about the event towards the end of last year, so before I'd actually started blogging myself. After speaking to Emily about her blog and the planning of the event, it was one of the final pushes for me to finally start myself. The day started off with some cocktails, I went for a Strawberry WooWoo and Big Jug Of Love! The event was a great opportunity to meet and chat to other bloggers, I met some really lovely girls including Amy, Carly and Beky.

Lush attended the event where they had a little stand featuring some of their most loved products, mines The Comforter Bubble Bar if you haven't tried it you need to, it's aaamazing! I am Sociable also attended, a creative business owned and run by Natalia, who was happy to share some of her great tips. Natalia also told us about her daily affirmations, the idea behind them is remembering that it's important to stay positive and believe you can achieve whatever you want to, if you have the right mindset. Her determined and motivated attitude was really inspiring as it's got her to where she wants to be today.

After lots of chatting and cocktails, everyone received some very generous goody bags which I cannot wait to have a proper look through and begin trying all of the products. Another big thank you to Emily and Phil for organising an amazing day. Unfortunately I was super rubbish and literally forgot to take any photos (Carly has some good'uns up on her post) but here's a little OOTD I took before. I wore this black and white collared dress from New Look which I paired with black tights and black leather ankle boots.

Hope you're all having a good week, Kathleen xxx

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3 March 2014


Oooommmgggg it's March already, can you believe it?! Okay so February is the shortest month of the year but still this year is flying by already! In February I've being trying out lots of new makeup bits, as well as some things I already have sitting in my collection.

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Kit in Light £10 - This was a new purchase for me this month and I am loving it. I've been wanting to try some of the Soap and Glory makeup range for ages as their body collection is amazing. I heard about this little kit after seeing it in on of FleurDeForce's videos, where she compared it to a similar product from Laura Mercier. Within the kit you get two concealers, a creamy peach shade which is perfect for covering dark under eye circles, a harder yellow shade great for any blemishes or red marks and also a translucent setting powder (Bobbi Brown dupe...?). I have been loving using this kit and think I have pretty much used it everyday since I bought it and at £10 for three good quality products, what a bargain! I can't wait to try some more from the range.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush (sold as a part of the core collection set) £21.99 - This isn't a new one as I've had this brush for several months but the other week I thought I had lost it and applying my foundation without it just wasn't the same, I even considered going to out to buy the set again as you can't buy them individually drama queen over here. Since finding it, in my bedroom btw (I know!) it's made me realise that it really is the best brush for applying foundation, so thought it deserved a little mention.

Maybelline BROW Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Medium Brown £4.99 - Another new purchase this month. The wand didn't how I expected it to, it's very thin goes in to a large circular shape and the end however I think this is good because it means not too much product comes out on to your brows. I use this product to set my brows in to place after I've filled them in with powder or just use it on its own when I'm feeling lazy.

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser in Aloe Fresh £4.99 - Okay so how late on the bandwagon was I? I put off buying this for ages because I told myself that I should use up all of my other body butters and lotions before this but I couldn't resist. I hate how much of a faff it is to moisturise after a bath of shower, especially in the colder months but this is literally so quick and easy and it dries straight away. I'm definitely converted and don't think I could go back to a regular moisturiser now, I wonder if any other brands will bring out a similar product soon.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume 100ml £63.50 - I got this perfume as a Christmas present however I think that now the weathers starting to get a bit nicer touch wood, this is the perfect perfume for spring as it's so light and fresh. I also love how cute the packaging it, I believe this is the original Daisy perfume but I spotted what I think might be a new formula in John Lewis the other day which had a blue liquid?

Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender candle £9.95 - Carrying on with the scent theme I've been loving this Lemon Lavender candle, this is another Christmas present which I got from my best friend and recently I've been getting so much use from it. The lemon extracts are really fresh so remind me of spring and nicer weather and the lavender is really calming, I burn this candle a few hours before I go to sleep as it's so relaxing.

What things were you loving in February, or have you got your eye on any new things in March?

Kathleen xxx