14 March 2014


The other day I found these three Lush bath bombs lurking, unloved at the back of my bathroom cabinet. I received them all as gifts for Christmas from friends and family and totally forgotten all about them, I must admit I did get a little over excited when I rediscovered them as I thought I'd run out.

Top left: Sex Bomb Bath Bomb £3.25 This is definitely my favourite out of the bunch. I love how cute it is, all of the colours and the little flower on top are super pretty. This bath bomb is perfect for an evening bath as the scent is really relaxing and calming. Lush recommend using this bath bomb if you're feeling tired, stressed or anxious. They also claim that some of the ingredients in it are used to soothe worries and even treat depression.

 I used this bath bomb last night, around two hours before I went to bed and actually had a really good nights sleep, which I definitely put down to this bath bomb. It makes the water turn bright pink and the flower at the top breaks down in to individual petals, which all float around the bath. The picture above is taken from my Instagram, which is @kathleenpavey if you'd like to have a little nose through.

Top right: Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb £3.25 This bath bombs main ingredient is lemon oil making it perfect for a morning bath, the citrus scent is really fresh and uplifting. I never have time to have a bath if I have to be up early in the morning, but for days when you know you can have a bit of a lie in it's perfect. Dragon's Egg may look like it's the plainest but when you put it in the bath it reveals a bright orange colour, it also begins to fizz like crazy as it contains popping candy! Never judge a book by its cover ayyy

Bottom: Christmas Pudding Bath Bomb - Sadly unavailable now until Christmas, however a couple of weeks ago Lush released their Easter and Mother's Day collections, which include lots of exciting limited edition products. After going in to my local Lush store the other day I now have my eye on a few things including the Fluffy Egg a pink, sweet scented bath bomb. The Rose bubble bar, which as well as being my favourite type of Lush bath product looks gorgeous. They also have some really novelty products including the Bunch of Carrots bubble bar and The Golden Egg which looks incredible. 

Have you got your eye on any of the pieces from the Easter or Mother's Day collection or like me, have you ever rediscovered any products in your collection which you had forgotten about?

Kathleen xxx 

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