20 March 2014


The MAC 217 brush is pretty much the do it all blending brush. Whether you're blending a go-all-out smokey eye or just an everyday wash of colour all over the lid then this brush has got it covered. The oval shape means it blends colours really well without leaving any harsh lines, it also works well with any sort of product whether it be a powder, loose pigment or cream etc etc.

Although this is little brush is amazing, at £18 it is pretty pricey. Enter the No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour brush - MAC's less than half the price twin. As you can see from the picture, they look pretty much identical. The only difference being this one is a lot more purse friendly at £7.25. The only difference I can really tell between the two is that the No7 alternative is not as dense as the MAC brush but it is still does the job just fine, it also washes really well making it a very welcome edition to my ever-growing brush collection.

Let me know any of your favourite dupes for MAC brushes,

Kathleen xxx


  1. I need to try that N7 brush since for now MAC is a little out of my budget when it comes to brushes. I heard that Zoeeva brushes are very good as well!


    1. You should hun, it is literally less than half the price of the MAC one so definitely worth it! Ooh, I've heard that too I really want to try them out soon :) Kathleen xxx