31 July 2014


After nearly a month from blogging, yikesss where has July gone? I'm back! Last week was my 19th birthday so I thought it would be nice to share some of the lovely presents I received. To keep theme with my blog, I'm just going to share the beauty bits and bobs. I celebrated with birthday breakfast with the girls, afternoon tea with my mum and then out for dinner with my boyfriend in the evening. The whole day was centred round food, which was absolutely fine by me!

Two of my best friends made me up a gorgeous gift box, filled with lots of goodies including three lovely Rimmel 60 second nail varnishes in the shades District-ly Come Dancing, Breakfast in Bed and my favourite, Pillow Talk in the picture above. 

I literally can't stop swooning over these photos, these are the first things I've ever owned from Chanel and I think it may be the start of an expensive addiction. I love how classy and sophisticated the products are. Even the packaging is too nice to through away, I've filled the box with some jewellery and it now has a rightful space on my dressing table.

I've currently got the nail varnish on my toes, I'll spare you of that image but the formula was really lovely and opaque in two coats. The lipstick is also super cool, instead of pulling off the lid you have to push up the bullet to make it pop up. Kind of hard to explain but does anyone remember The Sarah Jane Adventures and her Sonic Lipstick?!

I've had a YSL lipstick on my beauty wish list for god knows how long and now I have two, these were very generous presents from two of my beautiful best friends!

 Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the packaging of these beauties *heart-eyed emoji x100*. On the left is number 13 from the Rouge Volupte Shine Collection, it's a really glossy pink which literally goes with any makeup look. I must not carry on using this as an everyday lipstick! The formula is amazing, even though it is more of glossy, creamy finish it is really long lasting. On the right strangely enough is also number 13 from the the Rouge Pur Couture collection. This lipstick is a gorgeous orangey-red colour, with more of a stain finish. It really reminds me of MAC's Lady Danger. 

I am so grateful to have such generous friends and family who know me so well! Weird fact, my birthday is on the 23rd of July meaning I fall between two star signs, Cancer and Leo so always have a look at both horoscopes. Does your birthday fall under different star signs?

Kathleen xxx

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