23 April 2014


Hello everyone, I'm back today with a usual beauty related post! It was nice to do a few lifestyley things while I was on my Easter holidays but being back at sixth form again means I'm not doing anything too exciting for now. Also did you see the guest post I wrote this week for Dizzy Brunette's blog? I'll leave a little link to it here if you missed that, it was so weird to see a picture of my face on her page! Hello to you if you've come across to my little blog from seeing that post! Anyway waffle over, have a lovely rest of the week.

This little tube of goodness, is probably one of the best things that has happened to my skin. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit but it is seriously good stuff, I think it should be renamed Miracle Serum...?!

For anyone who hasn't heard of this product or is a little unsure, it is basically a serum targeted at oily and/or blemish prone skin, there was the original Effaclar Duo which aimed to correct and unclog any imperfections. Recently they reformulated it, to do all those good things as well as help any stubborn markings and scars to fade. 

Initially when I first bought the original version over a year ago I hated it because I thought it was making my skin worse rather than better, so I used it on and off and didn't really stick with it. I later realised this was because of the main reasons was that it contained Salicylic Acid, an ingredient which gets deep in to your pores and clears everything out (the unclogging bit) which for me resulted in spots popping up. However after reading up on it, I saw that this happened to quite a few people that used it but mentioned that it's worth carrying on with. 

After sticking with it for a while I really saw a noticeable difference in my skin, I'm lucky in the fact that I've never had very bad skin but I still get the odd group of blemishes and things like that. After continuing to use this product for a few weeks my skin was completely clear, which I definitely put down to using this serum. You just have to be willing to go through the little 'spotty/clearing everything out phase'. After that really long back story, my original tube had ran out and when I came around to repurchasing I'd noticed they had reformulated and came out with the + version said to have an anti-mark effect. Even though my skin is generally pretty clear after most of the time, after I've have a breakout it does tend to leave a few marks. I wish I had taken some sort of before and after picture, when I first bought it I had some scarring around my temples and chin and since using this product for a few months, they have almost completely gone.

I don't use this product everyday like I used to as I've been trying out a few different serums, however if for any reason my skin starts to go a little cray I always come back to this as I know it will calm it down and clear everything out. The product also has a really nice consistency, it's a white gel like formula which isn't harsh or irritating at all on the skin which I generally find a lot of products targeted at oily/blemish prone skin are. I really recommend this product if you have some leftover scarring or want to have a little skin detox/clear up. The reformulated + version even has a 'clearer skin or your money back' incentive on the front.

The Effaclar Duo+ is available from here for £15.50

Have you tried this product or any other things from the La Roche Posay range?

Kathleen xxx

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