1 May 2014


Woo it's the first day of May, meaning that my makeup spending ban is now over! If you missed the original post I'll link it for you here. To sum it up I decided to not allow myself to buy one single piece of makeup or makeup related things like brushes and nail varnishes etc, throughout the whole of April.

For all you fellow makeup lovers, this may sound pretty though going but actually I think I was a lot easier on myself than I could of been. You might have guessed from my Body Shop Haul  the other week that I didn't feel that skincare should come in to 'makeup' as well as haircare and clothes. This meant the money I wasn't spending on makeup, I was spending on clothes instead. That's my logical thought process for you there.

Although I perhaps didn't save as much as I could of, it's not all bad news. I managed to pay off of the important things I need to like Glastonbury yay and my car tax, the joys! Also it gave me the chance to have a good rummage through the makeup I was already hoarding, I found loads of things I had forgotten all about so expect a 'shopping the stash' style post soon.

Sticking to my ban plan means I might of accumulated a bit of a wishlist... Maybe that defeats the whole point, but here are the things I've been dying to get my hands on for the last four weeks.

April makeup wishlist

I'd love to know if you've ever stuck to your spending ban plans, or you're thinking of going on a bit of a spending detox?

Kathleen xxx

P.S did you see the interview I did with Amy from Amy Loves earlier this week?

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