20 May 2014


After all my Clinique Bonus Time excitement I couldn't wait to try all out of all my makeup bits. Here's a little face of the day style of post I took over the weekend. The first picture was taken just after I finished getting ready - excuse the weird half pout thing I've going on. The second was a few hours later I had a little outfit change before leaving the house as it was actually sunny AND warm! I'd spent the afternoon running a couple of errands, brownie making and enjoying a few glasses of Pimms. Exams? What exams?..

Apart from a few little lipstick top-ups, I didn't touch up any of my makeup and I think it did do a pretty good job of sticking around. I don't usually wear eyeliner during the day but I recently rediscovered a Loreal eyeliner I had hanging around in my collection so decided to give it a go. It's one of those felt tip pen style ones which I think definitely make things a lot easier. Another rediscovery was the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, which I mentioned last week in my mid- month faves.

Here's a list of everything else that made it on to my face - 

Clinique Universal face primer (sample size from Bonus Time collection)
HD eyebrow Palette in Foxy 
Clinique High Impact mascara (sample size from Bonus Time collection)
Clinique lipstick in Extreme Pink (sample size from Bonus Time collection)

What did you get up to over the weekend? 

Kathleen xxx

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  1. Beautiful! Love it!