6 January 2014


Hello and welcome to my blog, my name's Kathleen.

This year I've made it my New Years resolution to start a beauty, makeup and lifestyle kind of blog (bit of a chiche being New Years and all but hey). This is something I've wanted to do for absolutely aaages but I've never really had enough confidence to do it - also because I know how much I bore my friends and family with my makeup related rambles, oooops. The majority of my blog posts will be about my favourite products, routines and reviews, and also a little bit about my life. I hope that you will enjoy reading them and will bare with me while get the hang of blogging.

I've been reading loads of beauty blogs for around two years and always think it's nice to know what the person is like writing the blog is like, so I've pinched some questions from a few 'get to know me' type of posts...

How old are you? I'm 18 years old
Where are you from? I'm from England and I currently live in Bristol
What do you do for a living? At the moment I'm studying for my final year of A-levels and also have a part time job in a cafe.
Where's your favourite place to buy makeup? Boots or larger department stores such as John Lewis or Debenhams 
What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand? Rimmel or Maybelline 
Could you leave the house without makeup? Yes, if I'm just going to the shops or one of my friends houses
Favourite nail varnish colour? I love wearing loads of different colour nail varnishes but my favourite is probably a dark, classic red like tate from Nails Inc.

Thank you for stopping by, Kathleen xxx 

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  1. Great start baby girl, keep up the good work! Lots of love xxxxxx