22 January 2014


Getting a manicure done in a beauty salon is a lovely treat but it can also be quite expensive, so I thought I would share with you my super easy DIY alternative. In true Blue Peter fashion, you will need -

1. Filing - the part my boyfriend cannot stand. 
Using a standard nail file I just file my nails till they are about the same length, I personally like to them pretty short and also slightly rounded at the edges. This bit is completely down to personal preference so you can file them to whichever length and shape you wish.
2. Cuticle remover - the part to take special care with.
I just place a little dot of the cuticle remover at the top of each nail then use a tipped woodstick in small circular motions to gently push back and remove any cuticle-y bits. Make sure to do this bit gently as pushing too hard can be really painful - trust me I've been there. 
3. Painting - the part which requires a steady hand.
If I'm using a darker colour (or not being lazy) I use a base coat so that the colour doesn't stain my actual nail. Here I went for one from L'oreal which also doubles up as a top coat. For the colour I tend to apply two coats so the colour is super opaque. Here I used one from Revlon in the shade Vixen, which I think is the prefect shade for this time of year.
4. Treatment - the part which is the finishing touch.
After my nails have completely dried, I just apply a small amount of hand cream to keep them moisturised, my favourite is this one from Clarins because it also acts as a strengthening treatment for your nails. Finally I apply a small bit of oil to each nail which I tend to tend to do every few days, it's basically like food for your nails as it helps to keep them strong and hydrated. Here I've used one from Shellac, which only downside is the marzipan scent.

What's your favourite DIY beauty treatment?

Kathleen xxx

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