9 June 2014


I've been reading quite a few posts recently about the deliberation surrounding makeup expiring dates. After going on a bit of makeup spending spree towards the end of last month, I thought I'd have a good rummage through my collection and get rid of unwanted bits and pieces.

If you're thinking of having a clear out as well, this is what I did. I started by laying out all of my makeup on to my bedroom floor and then went through every 'category' one by one, sorting in to three different piles: Keep, Chuck, and New Home.

I rediscovered so many pieces of makeup that had fallen, unloved at the bottom of collection. The Chuck pile was relatively small, mainly consisting of empty samples, false eyelash glue and some dried out mascaras. I've finally learnt to have only one or two mascaras on the go at once, else they just dry out so quickly. For the New Home pile, I added things which were still in good condition but I just didn't use enough. My friend has done pretty well with this pile, with various foundations, tinted moitseriesers and eyeliners making their way to her.  

I think having a makeup clear out every so often is great way to find not only get rid of some bits and bobs but also to rediscover some old favourites, I found my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, which was one of my faves last summer. Also the clear out, has made a bit extra space for my additions! Remember to check back later this week too see what new things I've purchased.

Hope you all have a lovely week, let me know if you have a makeup collection refresh as well.

Kathleen xxx 


  1. I was sitting here thinking 'why would you throw away porefessional?!' before I read that they were empty samples! I'm so guilty of stock piling make up, even if I don't use it and will probably never use it I just keep it anyway. I quite like having a collection? The expiration date concept is something I've heard a lot about recently too, to be quite honest before this year I wasn't even aware that there was an expiration date! After using an out of date liquid eyeliner and having an unpleasant reaction I think I'll be having a clear out too!xx

    Jade | skinsweet

    1. I totally get what you mean about wanting to have a big collection... But then other days I just want all simple! Eeekk that sounds nasty, I'll keep that in mind next time I use my liquid liner!xxx