9 June 2014


Okay so I might of been feeling a little bit spendy recently... Don't worry these purchases weren't all in one go, it's what I've accumulated throughout over recent weeks. That's just me trying to justify myself and failing.

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream £30 - Back when I did the blogger made me buy it tag in January, I mentioned how I never really jumped on board with the whole BB, CC, DD... the list continues thing. But there was something about this Clarins one. It's perfect for adding the right amount of coverage, gives a matte finish but still gives you that luminous glow. Mines the lightest shade, which I never usually am. The other ones had much more of a warmer undertone which I don't feel would have suited me very well so I'd recommend trying this one out before you buy.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick £20 - How gorrrrrgeous is this lipstick? A lipstick is always a necessary purchase. Aside from the colour I just love how how luxurious the packaging is. It now has it's rightful place at the very front of my lipstick stand. The colour is Widly Pink, it's quite bold but because of the glossy formula it's still suitable for everyday.

Clinique Cheek Pop £16.50 - I picked up the a while when Clinique had their Bonus Time event on. Originally I wanted the Peach Pop shade but being a new launch, they had all sold out apart from one Berry Pop. I thought the colour would be way too much for my skin and might look a little too '10 year found their mothers makeup bag' but when applied it's blend in to a really nice colour. Also the flower packaging, how could I resist?

Benefit Gimmie Brow £17.50 - This was something I was umm'ing over for a while. There's always so much hype built up around the release for new Benefit products, so I thought to wait and see if it was really worth it. Boy o boy it is. It really does give the effect of fuller looking brows, something I was little sceptical about. The only downside is the price tag for only 3g of product, eeeeeekkk.

theBalm Mary Lou Luminizer £16.00 - I don't know if this brand is counted as high-end but as it's probably the most talked about highligher's in the blogging community I had to include it. The Mary Lou Manizer. I've wanted this for ages and finally caved last week when ASOS had 25% off student code. Initially they sent me Cindy Lou which also came all cracked but they sent me out the replacement super quickly. The excitement to use this for the first time is too much, is that sad?

What's your favourite makeup product you've bought recently?

Kathleen xxx

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